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Girlboss Boasts About Rearranging Her Phone Apps, No-one Is Impressed

If this is the path to enlightenment, I’m not taking it.
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All The Catty Memes That Cannibalized The Windows 11 Launch

Here we go again.
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funny twitter thread of people letting their keyboards autocomplete their apologies | Text - Karma @OniRevenant Im sorry for being so late to the other penis party ash @NihachuEatsCats · Sep 17 type "I'm sorry for being" and let your keyboard finish it for you

Funny Tweets Of People Letting Their Keyboards Autocomplete Apologies

When technology takes over
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A customer thinks that electronic payment works through putting paper checks in the actual computer.

Customer Thinks Electronic Payment Works By Putting Paper Checks In Computer

The files are in the computer.
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If It Ain't Me

Funny meme about how people say they'll always be available but then they put their phone on silent
Via u/SwimmingSilver0
original animation of a cat messing around with technology thumbnail includes a picture of a cat standing on top of a laptop @sleepyskele

Meowmoirs: Technology Is Confusing To Cats

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the sixth entry of meowmoirs diary of a cat about the cat's reaction to tvs laptops and phones thumbnail includes a picture of a cat laying its head on a laptop the name of the entry and a quote from it 'Cat - Meowmoirs: The Light Squares November 13, 2020 The more effective way of using it would be to indeed sit CANHAS CHEEZ BURGER on it... It keeps my behind wonderfully toasty.'

Meowmoirs: November 13, 2020 The Light Squares

TV, computer, phone... they're all confusing.
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cats video phone call answering classic funny lol aww cute adorable smart cat youtube

Cat Answers Incoming Phone Call (Video)

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awkward notifications people received when someone was holding their phone - cover pic story about wife texting about a threesome while showing baby pics | TheDeadGunslinger 2.5k points 2 days ago showing my coworker picture my son my girlfriend at time who is now my wife sent text something along lines having threesome.

Worst Notifications People Received Whilst Someone Had Their Phone

Awkward doesn't even cover it
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funny tweets screen time report quarantine coronavirus technology boredom | Kyle Clark yleClark Got my iPhone's weekly Screen Time report and didn't know awake long 7:45 PM Apr 5, 2020 Twitter iPhone

Funny Tweets About Our Insane Screen Time Reports

Where does the time go?
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fake app artist instagram screen time quarantine coronavirus funny | Sobandcry spotify health 8 notifications glass of wine

Fake Apps That Show The Reality Of Being Stuck At Home

If our phones really told the truth...
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Revenge on a IRS Phone Scam Call Flooder Watch later Anti IRS Scam Call Flood

Programmer Writes Script That Spam Calls Phone Scammers

We're talking 28 calls a second.
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funny tweets delete phone number phone book | Fresh Idiot @Joshuadubbbs #DeleteTheirPhoneNumberIf they can't hold a coherent back and forth conversation consisting solely of memes already residing in their camera roll

The Best #DeleteTheirPhoneNumberIf Tweets

Not everyone deserves a place in your phone book
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Dad kicks out disrespectful "cool girl" from daughter's party | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by trway21423 12 hours ago AITA kicking out girl my daughter's sleepover bday party? My (34M) daughter (14F) had sleepover b-day party last saturday, and she invited 5 girls her school. There this one girl she invited who could tell her attitude spoiled brat she rang doorbell, she walked looking down at her phone, didn't greet or my wife, and handed her jacket without even looking up

Dad Kicks Entitled "Cool Girl" Out of Daughter's Birthday

And the internet weighed in.
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Girl freaks out at guy after being rejected and pretends she has a bodyguard team and that the guy stole her bracelet | text messages Jordan Yesterday 9:30 PM way out league physically, mentally emotionally can't even believe this right now Never my life

Model Chick Goes Psycho After Being Rejected

Oh boy, he dodged a bullet.
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Wrong number texter looking for dealer gets trolled by person calling themselves "The Goat" | 1:52 1 ul LTE O iMessage Today 9:46 AM Owl Goat No Call do want call Owl? Who is this This is Goat know my reputation. No sure heard own this town live Bremen own town too Ok iMessage Pay

Wrong Number Looking for Dealer Gets Trolled by "The Goat"

Don't defy The Goat.
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