Things That Are Completely Normal In Europe But Horrific In The US| thumbnail text - climbmea · 6h At least in Germany, nudity. No one cares if you're naked, no one thinks you're a sex offender, no one thinks it's even sexual to be naked unless you're actively having sex, and no one makes it weird.

Things That Are Completely Normal In Europe But Horrific In The US

Cultural differences be like
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Next Level Olympians Who Seem to Defy the Laws of Physics

Whether you're a fan of sports or not, there are unarguably few worldwide events as tense, polarizing, or emotionally charged as the Olympic Games. We see superheroes on TV, but hidden behind the scenes are years of grueling preparation. Most wouldn't be able to handle the emotional pressure and physical stress that comes with training to compete in the Olympics , and it's pretty incredible that many of these athletes manage to make it look easy. We don't have to tell anyone that it's anything …
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Bizarre New Meme Has Saddam Hussein Hiding In The Darndest Places

How did he get there?
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things that only happen in america | thumbnail text - WhataSadCreature1111 · 1y There is a place a short drive from my house that is a firearms/military merchandise store in the front half of the building and in the back half, just down a short hallway, is a BBQ restaurant. Its a magical place.

Things That Just Scream 'Murica, Heck Yeah!' In Honor Of America's Birthday

Only in the US of A, baby
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The Weirdest Thing's Non-American's Heard American's Say| thumbnail text - stoopio-oh · 4d "Wow you speak American very well for a foreigner" Thanks lady, I'm Canadian and "American" is the only language I know

The Weirdest Things Non-American's Heard Americans Say

They really ask the most important questions
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epic fourth of july party tips | thumbnail text - a very famous duel in American history took place between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Even though Hamilton got killed as a result of this duel, he would have wanted you to do the same on the 4th of July. Or at least that's what the USA-themed jello shots will be telling you. It's the perfect time to start a fight with that coworker everyone lowkey hates

Throw A Fourth of July Party So Epic That Even The Founding Fathers Would Be Proud

It's the American thing to do
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Cultural differences between the UK and the USA | thumbnail text - Lem32 · 3h The US is blindly optimistic, and the UK is blindly pessimistic culturally.

Top Reasons Why The US And The UK Couldn't Be More Different

Would you like a cuppa tea
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Woman Gets Roasted And Toasted On Twitter After Posting About Healthy Vs Unhealthy Food Prices| thumbnail text - Emily Porter, M.D. @dremilyportermd ... I just got a double cheeseburger, small fries and large Diet Coke at McDonald's for $3.25 so please stop fat shaming or blaming the single mom of 2 working for $7.25/hour for her "unhealthy choices" or high blood pressure when non-organic raspberries are $8.96/pound at Walmart. 10:27 PM · Apr 14, 2021 · Twitter for iPhone 4,147 Retweets 277 Quot

Woman Gets Roasted And Toasted On Twitter After Posting About Healthy Vs Unhealthy Food Prices

A controversial topic
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Things Are A Little Different Here

Funny meme about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview with Oprah, Harry is adjusting great to America, why do they have their own stuff in museums
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Pretty Much

Funny meme using the incredibles, waiting for you to be normal, united states
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The Dank Drop, storming the capitol, political memes, funny memes, dank memes, relatable, spicy, nic cage, nicolas cage, washington dc, national treasure, karens, coronavirus | Some random dude D.C. right now gonna steal Declaration Independence. made with mematic | My mom Japanese Waiter would like award highest honor can bestow Gracias SODA

The Dank Drop: 25 Of Our Favorite Dank Memes Of The Week (1-2 to 1-8)

Thank you, meme creators.
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Tumblr thread on what a stick of butter is | emilianadarling holy fuck guys after years being vaguely confused came across measurement stick butter recipes, today learned United States they sell butter these skinny stick things: SWEET UNSALTED) NET WT. UKDA 4 02 BUTTER (113 g) PACKED DY PLANT 22 DWEET UNSALTED USDA NET WT. 4 0Z (113 g) BUTTER PACKED BY PPLANT 27031

Tumblr Thread: The Cultural Confusion of a Stick of Butter

Depending on where you're from, it's not obvious.
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US education system media 10% of all American adults believe that chocolate milk comes brown cows Tony Stark Iron Man The Avengers
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Sad But True

Funny tweet about how america has to focus on herself, no presidents | jehf @jehfro_ no president next term, america need to b single for a while to focus on herself 10:47 AM • 7/4/20 • Twitter for iPhone
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Funny random memes, spicy memes, edgy memes, history memes, star wars memes, french revolution, usa, oil, middle east | Any country has oil USA: Congratulations are being rescued. Please do not resist. Star Wars robot | Everyone during French revolution man in a swimming pool looking as if he'd been decapitated

28 Random Memes Sprinkled With Extra Spice

There are some spicy ones in here.
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Screenshot from Animal Crossing that reads, "Right now, USA has a 0 star rating" Isabelle looking sad
Via LaurenMinnie
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