These Sesame Street Memes Will Put an Uncomfortable Spin on Your Childhood

Most people have fond memories of Sesame Street. That's probably why the weirdness of these Sesame Street memes is so special.

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    Wow, You Need to Chill

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    Kids These Days, Amirite?

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    Bert and Ernie are Handy With the Steel, If You Know What I Mean

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    Important Life Lessons From Sesame Street

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    Classic: Cookie Monster Does a Duet With Rammstein

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    Whatever, Just Show Me the Way to Sesame Street

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    True Facts About Sesame Street

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    Grover Bluejoy Explains the Game of Chairs and I'm Terrified Sesame Street Will Get the Red Wedding Treatment

    Via: Sesame Street
    Today in weird crossovers I'm not sure how to feel about: Game of Chairs, a Sesame Street Game of Thrones parody.  Complete with a Mommy of Dragons and tons of punny references to the deaths in the real show, this is probably the most uncomfortable Game of Thrones parody I've ever seen. There's something about Sesame Street taking on Game of Thrones that just doesn't feel right.  And wait until you see who they predict as the next king!

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    At Least That Explains Why He's So Grouchy

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    You May Have Missed This Part

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    Sesame Street and Terry Crews Show You That There Are Lots of Different Kinds of Artists!

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    Part of the PBS Witchcraft Hour

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    Behold the Horror

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    Sesame Street Fighter

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    Beryu (Bert + Ryu) doing a "hadoken" fireball while also doing his stuttering laugh.

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    In Fact, Forget the Street

    All Your Memes in One Base

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    From the hit series Breaking Bird.

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    I'VE SEEN ENOUGH SESAME STREET to know this is going to 10

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    What's That Supposed to Mean?

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    Enjoy This Video of Sesame Street Muppets Lip Syncing "Summertime"

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    Via: Arthur , U.S. of N.
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