Response of the Day: Twitter Thinks the Star Wars Boycott is Hilarious

The other day we wrote about White Supremacists on Reddit boycotting Rogue One. Apparently as soon as they make a few Star Wars movies that aren’t about a white dude realizing he’s special, it’s time to #DumpStarWars.

Well, things got even worse, or better if you are opposed to things like racism, sexism, xenophobia, and hatred, when Rogue One-screenwriter Chris Weitz posted this picture to Twitter and indicated that Star Wars was actually about a group of rebels fighting an oppressive, authoritarian government whose philosophy is built on fear.

Calls for boycott shot up on Twitter because the idea of fighting an authoritarian government is bad?

Anyway, no one’s really taking these calls to action on Twitter that seriously. Why? Because it's Star Wars and no matter how many times we're burned by these movies, we’re still going to see them.

Enjoy some of the best reactions to the Star Wars boycott

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    Everyone knows that there are no refunds on movie tickets...

    Via: @JackPosobiec

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    And then more false claims...

    Via: @JackPosobiec

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    And some more...

    Via: @JackPosobiec

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    How do we know?

    There was a problem rendering this tweet - it may have been deleted.
    Via: @BRO3X

  • 5

    Someone asked

    Via: @chrisweitz

  • 6

    Then the fun started.

    Via: @mmpadellan

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    Easy, Chewie.

    Via: @AaronNagler

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    Force is a little too strong, I guess.

  • 9

    Say what?

    Via: @JohnFugelsang

  • 10

    Search your feelings, you know it be true.

    Via: @slack2thefuture

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    Wait until they see the Sarlacc pit.

    Via: Donalds_Diary

  • 12

    "Yeah, they called him a 'Scruffy looking nerf herder.' It was awful!"

    Via: @Nash076

  • 13

    Then again, maybe the force isn't too strong.

    Via: @JoyAnnReid
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