Donald Trump Accidentally Tweets at the Wrong Ivanka Trump, Ends Up Inviting Hilarious String of Responses From Her and Band of Twitter Trolls

Part of me right now is harboring the gut kind of instinct that the Donald had to have knowingly stirred the pot of chaos on this one. I mean dude, not only is this the wrong Ivanka, but she's evidently an outspoken environmentalist. See for yourself with the tweet she decided to respond back with after DJ Trump's original botched attempt to touch base with the wifey on Twitter:

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    First, the big WHOOPS:

    Via: @realDonaldTrump

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    Instead of sitting there confused as the rest of us, Ivanka seized the chance to tell CNN:

    Via: CNN

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    Via: @ivanka

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    And just like that a star was born...

    Via: @Al_Humphreys

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    Via: @erica_pool

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    Via: @teohlb

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    Via: @Suzy_QS

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    Via: @criticalthinkrs

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    Hot damn.

    Via: @LalehLive
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