Park Your Keister, Meister Because We Got 17 Parking Fails For You

Sometimes people have to go back to driving school. In fact, we've got 16 of them right here. Check out some parking fails, and feel better than that guy that parked on top of a Lamborghini.

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    Mob justice.

    Via: Matthew Mills

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    Parking at the Eye Doctors Has Its Challenges

    Via: jim_diesel6
    Oh the eye-rony.

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    I Guess Parking like Garbage is a Jeep Thing

    Via: wellplastic

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    Parallel Parking is So Much Harder When You Have No Idea How Badly You're F*cking it Up

    Via: Maryland & Virginia Cars
    This driver just completely mangles it by backing into a Ferrari 458 Speciale at a Virginia car meet.

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    Congrats on the Most Improbable Parking Spot

    Via: @Bucksfire
    Now how are you going to get it out?

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    Parking Spot Not Found

    Via: norajonesin

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    Does This Count As Parallel Parking?

    Via: 50Hs

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    Some Heroes Keep Chalk in Their Car

    Via: Thisguysays

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    The Perils of Parallel Parking

    Via: ViralHog

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    Usually You've Got a Spot For These Right Up Front

    Via: gmass927

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    High School Allows Seniors To Personalize Parking Spots

    Via: andrewalmond10

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    I'll Take That Over a Parking Ticket Any Day

    Via: Delightfoot

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    Backed Perfectly Into that Spot, Right?

    Via: Liamdevine

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    This Kid's Parking Skills Aren't Garbage

    Via: Bing

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    The Ultimate Parking Revenge

    Via: tsunamitime

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    Do You Think They Used the Parking Break?

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