Happy Valentine's Day: Here Are 16 Images to Remind You That Love Is Real... Sort Of

Valentine's Day is hard for everyone, mostly because love isn't real and it was just created by the greeting card company anyway, and it's totally normal to spend Valentine's Day watching Pretty Woman, wondering why no one loves me like Richard Gere loves Julia Roberts. Anyway, here are 16 images that agree with me.

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    Back to the drawing board

    Via: nya-kin

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    Are Your Employees Really Willing to Go the Extra Mile For the Customers?

    Via: James Matthew Warren‎

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    Put the V back in V-Day.

    Via: onlytwitterpics

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    Love the Way You Lie

    Via: s-mplicities

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    Who Cares About Being Single When Your True Love is Pizza?

    Via: milez1305

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    Don Meown

  • 7

    Nothing Says Love LIke a Chick-Fil-Boquet

    Via: tieramusic

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    Keep in a Vase Filled With Blue Cheese For Best Results

    Via: prdygrlz

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    You Didn't Even Cut the Cake

  • 10

    Birthgiver should be more supportive. Also, "Birthgiver."


  • 11

    The Foundation of All Good Relationships

    Via: Morley

  • 12

    So is That a Yes?

  • 13

    Romantic Day at the Beach

    Via: JustRickolo

  • 14

    Is it That Season Already?

    Wait, is that a Mets jersey?

  • 15

    The Scent of Freedom

    Via: Heathen Barbie
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