8 Times Live TV Monumentally Failed and Made Things Wonderfully Awkward

Unless you're just now crawling out of your weekend cave that would've had to have been devoid of all media; you're well aware that Warren Beatty defined Academy Awards history last night when he misread, then literally called up to the stage the 'wrong winners'. Yes, Beatty, who was seemingly lost in a public, unfortunately timed mental fugue state almost peddled off the bright shiny Oscar to La La Land instead of the rightful winner, Moonlight

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    The original fresh fail from the Academy Awards last night, starring Warren Beatty himself:

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    High marks for the way others handled this shit-coated situation:

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    The iconic, cringe-inducing Steve Harvey Miss Universe Flop:

    Via: Tyler123b1

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    That moment when stomping grapes leads to a hospital visit

    Via: FunnyGotYou

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    That time the chair clocked out early:

    Via: rwienburg

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    And BOOM goes the dynamite!

    Via: Jeremy Goldman

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    Ashlee Simpson's infamous SNL Jig

    Via: Christina haynes

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    The supremely stealthy dildo

    Via: capps4242

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    When Joe Namath was a thirsty boozehound that wanted, need a kiss

    Via: Bradshaw3001

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    The vibrating toothbrush that ended up looking like a BJ

    Via: CurvesAhead
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