Newsflash: People With No Understanding of the English Language Hated Coke for Not Using English in Their Super Bowl Ad.

Coca-Cola's Super Bowl ad this year featured a chorus of people singing the classic patriotic tune "America the Beautiful" in a multitude of non-English languages spliced with footage of an ethnically diverse American populace. Some didn't take kindly to the ad's message, taking #cokesucks to Twitter to complain - often in broken, unintelligible English.

  • Note the number of people that can't spell properly AND confuse "America the Beautiful" with the U.S. National Anthem:

  • Sometimes I wish I was "foreign decent" instead of being "domestic mediocre."
  • Thanks to this ad, we also know what the "terrorist's" language is:

    Spoilers: It's anything other than English, apparently.
  • And finally, let's use this as an opportunity to go over Your and You're:

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