10 Adorable Puppy Gifs to Celebrate National Puppy Day!

You don't need an excuse to enjoy the awesomeness of PUPPIES! But today is National Puppy Day, so let's go all out and celebrate these wonderful and cute puppies in all their amazing glory!

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    The Circle of Puppy Life

    Circle of black puppies turning GIF.
    Via: Senor GIF

  • 2

    I Could Watch This Puppy Bowl All Day Long!

    gif of a cut dog in a bowl
    Via: The Frogman

  • 3

    Puppy Yawns are Contagiously Cute

    3 yawning dogs gif.
    Via: Dog GIF Source

  • 4

    Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! I Iz Huge Dawg!

    Gif of a pug that is just going crazy a little bit.
    Via: Pug GIF

  • 5

    Aw, Get Out of Here!

    GIF of a dog saying get outta here with his arm gesture.
    Via: I can has GIF?

  • 6

    That's Exactly What I Meant to do

    Gif of a corgi puppy not doing a good job of climbing to the shelf.
    Via: Corgi GIFs

  • 7


    adorable gif of a large amount of puppy dogs running by
    Via: Dog GIFs

  • 8

    A Husky Puppy Chorus

    husky puppies on the porch in this gif
    Via: gif

  • 9

    Best Snuggle Ever!

    cute gif of a cat napping on a dog
    Via: Animal GIFs

  • 10

    Bucket O' Puppies

    Cute gif of a bucket full of puppies.
    Via: Tastefully Offensive
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