13 Reaction Gifs You'll Most Likely Need on Sunday

You never quite know what you're getting into with an episode of Game of Thrones but every one proves to be a roller coaster of emotions, so keep these gifs handy in case you need to express what you're feeling.

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    If your favorite character does a good:

    Via: fyeahnamingeverythingfyeah

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    Or Joffrey does a bad:

    Via: Google

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    If someone you hate finally dies:

    Via: loooooongclaw

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    If something horrible happens to someone you love:

    Via: freddlounds

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    Who are we kidding, this is GoT, you need a few of those:

    Via: yesiamafingdragon

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    Via: can-change-the-world

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    Here's one in case it's someone you don't like that your friends do:

    Via: Google

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    Sometimes this show just leaves you feeling gutted:

    Via: yesiamafingdragon

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    In case you need to fend off the haters:

  • 11

    Or Sansa was stupid again:

  • 12

    If you don't understand what your favorite character is doing, but you stick by them anyway:

    Via: stayperfectparadise

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    Or you're pretending not to be impressed:

    Via: thehansgruber
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