Today is Tax Day, So Wave Goodbye to Your Money

Ahh, April 15...

That magical day when you seal up a portion of your income and send it off into the ether, where it supposedly goes toward building roads and improving schools.


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    The first of many to go.

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    They've got to learn about them SOME day.

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    The Simpsons have the right idea.

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    "Luxury Tax" is a thing of the past.

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    Guess who put off doing their taxes until the last minute?

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    Doing taxes can make you ask the hard questions.

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    Like "are you joking?" Because you really must be joking.

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    I know there are people like this out there somewhere.

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    But even though taxes may cost an arm and a leg (and sometimes more)...

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    Just remember this and everything will be okay.

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    Click here and audit our Tax humor!

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