10 Cats Who Love Easter Peeps!

While we enjoy the marshmallow variety, these kitties prefer the real thing!

  • This is My Chick...No Touchie!

    Via: tubbytubbytubtubs
  • He's the One...He Called Me Tiny...

  • Chicks are Friends, Not Food

  • It's a Fluff Attack!

  • Cuddle Up, Silver

  • Cat-ouflaged Chick

  • No Kittens? Peeps Will Do!

    Via: The Daily What
  • Wake Up! It's Time to Hunt for Easter Eggs!

    Via: Miezekatzen
  • Can I Have a Kiss? Just a Little Peck...

    Via: Cats and Stuff
  • Watch Your Talons!

    Via: Keepin' Up With Kaytie
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