Luigi is a Cold-blooded Racer in Mario Kart 8

Dem death stares...

  • Luigi's Had Enough

    Via: Tim Aza
  • Hi! I'm Your Murderer

    Via: KarmaBot_
  • Karma is Sweet

    Via: forthex
  • Luigi Does Not Care About Explosions

    Via: GlassPrisionerPT
  • He Has Shells of Steel

    Via: Lythero
  • Get Out The Way

    Via: Aaron Jordan
  • This is Like Two Falcon Punches Connecting...

    Via: 19MILES
  • Luigi is Definitely the King of the Death Stare

    Via: chris lawrance
  • You're Next

    Via: Megaman765
  • And Don't You Ever Forget...

    Via: JayGatsby_
  • But Let's Not Forget Other Racers

    Via: Gahtz2
    Yoshi is a Pyschopath
  • Donkey Kong is a Troll

    Via: Atomic6
  • And Crazy...

    Via: adamtheamazing64
  • While Others Are Just Looking For Love

    Via: Shotgun117
    Is it Mii you're looking for?
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