10 Dog Shower Thoughts That Will Make You Think

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    I have been getting paper and mail for hooman for five years and still receive one treat per job completed. How do I ask hooman for raise

    Via: doc.the.schnauzer

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    "If I had thumbs I'd be unstoppable."

    Via: buzzfeed

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    Why do I feel need to chase cat?

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    I always try to bring my tennis ball to Hooman to share, but he always picks it up and throws it the other way, and I have to go get it! I don't think he understands how balls work, but that's okay, he tries his best.

    Via: bortoukali

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    It just dawned on me why hooman wear clothes: it's because he doesn't have fur.

    Via: sunfrog

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    why hooman rubs floor with noise machine

    Via: ourdogsgotablog

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    If treats are for good boys, and my mahm says I am always a good boy, then why am I not always eating treats?

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    Why aren't there more doggos on TV?

    Via: Hokus Theo

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    Why my Hooman hold me like tiny hooman. I is not tiny hooman, I is doggo!

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    Sometimes it feels like my human doesn't want the stick back...

    Via: akc
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