Wednesday WTF: 10 Weirdest and Funniest Headlines Of The Week

You don't need to read The Onion to find crazy and hilarious news headlines - weird crap is happening all around us. 

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    Strange news headline about Adidas launching vomit and beer-repellent sneaker for Oktoberfest.
    Via: CTV News

  • 2
    Strange headline of Denver nurse suspended for opening up body bag to look at man's genitals.
    Via: The Denver Post

  • 3
    Seam Spicer claims to be most popular man in Ireland - headline
    Via: The Irish Times

  • 4
    funny headline of woman trapped in window trying to retrieve poo after Tinder date
    Via: BBC

  • 5
    Headline - World Clown Association complains the movie IT is hurting real clowns.
    Via: CBS Detroit

  • 6

    Not the MILFs we were thinking of.

    Headline that meant a different kind of MILF
    Via: Manila Bulletin

  • 7
    Headline about Belgian hotel offering companion fish to keep lonely travelers company.
    Via: WCPO Cincinnati

  • 8
    Headline that says men are better at Scrabble because woman won't waste time practising useless skills.
    Via: Independent

  • 9
    Headline Peppa Pig spider can't hurt you episode pulled off air in Australia where they have deadly spiders.
    Via: The Guardian

  • 10
    Bizarre headline of man that dreamed of opening trampoline studio becomes paralyzed after trampoline accident.
    Via: WPXI
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