This Is Why Twitter's Freaking Out About 'The Monster Mash'

Your mind is about to be blown. 

If you had a childhood, you're probably familiar with the Bobby Pickett Halloween classic, "Monster Mash." Two days ago, Twitter user @Lawrence_Miles took our memories of the ditty and destroyed them with some serious truth bombs. He pointed out that we've never ACTUALLY heard  "Monster Mash" - just a song about it.

 As is to be expected, Twitter users reacted to the revelation with a healthy mix of shock and jokes. 

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    The mind-blowing tweet.

    Cheezburger Image 9083788544
    Via: @Lawrence_Miles

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    Via: @Lawrence_Miles

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    Tenacious D fans start having their fun.

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    Via: @fischersweets

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    Cheezburger Image 9083791104
    Via: @rutjake

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    Cheezburger Image 9083791360
    Via: @Alex_Voltaire

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    What else have we never really heard??

    Cheezburger Image 9083794176
    Via: @KevPharmacist

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    Cheezburger Image 9083801600
    Via: goingrampant

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    Cheezburger Image 9083801856
    Via: @Dorianwallace

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    Cheezburger Image 9083802112
    Via: @ernmalleyscat

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    Cheezburger Image 9083802624
    Via: @nickchester

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    Via: @JessaKent
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