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Pwnee Studios is seeking Kickstarter funding for "the hardest platformer ever," Cloudberry Kingdom.

The game's challenge results from an advanced AI that creates levels using everything the developers know about "flow, spacing, rhythm, player expectation." The program was able to successfully generate awesome levels, but the long process of creating it drained Pwnee of funds for things like "making the game look pretty."

If their Kickstarter is successful, here's how they say they'll spend the dough:

  • We'll hire a full time artist to make the game shine in all its glory.
  • We'll find an animator to help polish the game and make some awesome cinematics. We promise the cinematics will be less ridiculous than our kickstarter video.
  • If any money is left over we will probably upgrade our programmer's diet regime from cat food to human food. Maybe.

The game has no announced release date, but it's being developed for PC and Wii U.


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