The Greatest Police Chase in American History Just Happened Today

Suspects: Two llamas, last seen doing "just llama things."

Suspects were considered mildly dangerous even though they were unarmed (llamas have four legs instead).

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    It was just another day in Sun City, AZ today.

    Via: TEAM Arizona

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    When suddenly... LLAMAS!

    Via: Washington Post
    We've had enough, and we're makin' a break for it!

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    The Great Llama Breakout of 2015 is underway!

    There was a problem rendering this video- The video may have been deleted.
    Via: Jim Dalrymple II
    "Give me liberty or give me grass!" -- Alpatrick Henry

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    Their attempts to evade authories were swift and skilled.

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    Even the sheriff couldn't bring 'em in.

    Via: Abc15

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    Despite trying his best.

    Via: Abc15

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    Brave citizens stepped up to try and wrangle the fugitives.

    Via: Abc15

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    Will our heroes find a way to escape? Find out on next week's episode of Dragonball Z!

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    The furry felons have been separated from each other!

    Via: Abc15

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    But it matters not! See ya later, suckers!

    Via: Washington Post

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    What's this? They've escaped AND they've reunited!

    Via: Abc15
    "Reunited! And it feels so goooooooood!"

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    But now they face a new enemy: traffic!

    Via: Abc15

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    Watch the cars, buddy!

    Via: Washington Post

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    Runnin' through traffic like it ain't no thang.

    There was a problem rendering this video- The video may have been deleted.
    Via: BuzzFeed BFF

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    Meanwhile, Brian Williams weighed in his live experience with the llamas.

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    Lasso Man, the hero we needed, joins the fight!

    Via: Abc15

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    But they even evaded Lasso Man!

    Via: Abc15

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    HA! Your lassos cannot harm us!

    Via: Washington Post

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    Even llamas have to take a break from the crazy Arizona heat though.

    Via: Abc15

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    Hark! Lasso Man has returned!

    Via: Abc15

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    The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.

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    Via: stalinsquad

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    Our second vigilante is cornered! Well, sorta...

    Via: imgur
    "You want me? Then come and take me!"

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    And so ended The Great Llama Breakout of 2015.

    Via: stalinsquad

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    Authorities are checking nearby jails to ensure the llamas don't respawn and run away again.

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    Friends 5eva.

    Via: wolfspazz
    A Bonnie and Clyde for the 21st century.

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    Also, this is bound to happen at some point.

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