9 of the Weirdest Pizzas You Will Ever See

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    Happy Meal Pizza

    Via: Oddee
    This golden-arches pizza is topped with French fries, six Chicken McNuggets and two cheeseburgers. McLovin' it.

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    Peanut Butter and Jelly Pizza

    Via: Pizza Maniac
    Smooth or crunchy?

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    Japanese Mega Pizza

    Via: Pizza Hut Japan
    The crust is made of hot dogs wrapped in bacon and rolls of molten cheese. The center is built with hamburgers, cheese rolls, sausage, bacon, ham, bacon bits, mushroom, onion, pepper, garlic and tomato sauce. The pie also comes with two optional toppings - ketchup and maple syrup.

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    Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger

    A monster of a pizza/burger. Between two large meat pizzas sits a five pound beef burger topped with bacon and a blend of cheeses.

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    Nasty Morning Pizza

    Via: Tom Insam
    When you want a little bit of everything...

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    Crown Crust Pizza

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    Squid Ink Pizza

    Via: Chachich
    The standard tomato sauce is replaced with black, mouth-staining squid-ink sauce, which is said to add a salty-sweet flavor to the pie. Keeping with the seafood theme, this unique pizza also features a smattering of shrimp.

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    Nino's 'Luxury' Pizza

    Via: Nino's Bellissima Pizza
    The pie's the limit at this pizza shop, where a thousand bucks buys a luxurious thin-crust extravagance that's crowned with chives, lobster, crème fraîche and a six different kinds of caviar.

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    The Meta Pizza

    A pizza that uses mini pizzas as toppings. GENIUS
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