11 Web Comics Showing The Great Joy That Cellphones Have Brought Us

Cellphones have changed the world immensely, opening up the world two a myriad of new ways of communicating. Who thought anyone besides furry's with a predilection towards birds would be tweeting at each other? Let's not even get into how most Tinder conversations go. Below are 11 premium comics that share just some of the wonderful changes that cellphones have brought to us.

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    A Reminder That With All Its Improvements The iPhone 6 is Not a Flip Phone

    Via: Lolnein

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    Power, Power Everywhere and Not a Drop to Charge My Fricking Phone

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    Wonder If Pavlov Has Anything to Text About This

    Via: Big Foot Justice

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    Read at 4:20am

    Via: Mandatory Rollercoaster

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    The Reason Why No One Dreams Anymore

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    A Dumb Joke About Smart Phones

    Via: Dad Joke Comics

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    A Moment of Illumination

    Via: Pigminted

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    So That's Where The Phantom Vibration Comes From

    Via: Hejibits

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    Sad Truth About Selfies

    Via: Bing

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    Sexting Before Cell Phones

    Via: Fowl Language Comics

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    And It Being Done 100%

    Via: Biter Comics
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