10 Robots That Totally Won't Rule Over Humanity With Iron Fists

It's a fact: robots are awesome. Sure there might be the potential for us to be ruled with merciless abandon harvested for our flesh bits to fuel the great War Bots of the future, but let's remember there are robots that are a bit more helpless.

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    First Off, Look How Cute This Robot Baby Is

    Via: Senor GIF

    Now way this cute baby robot in this GIF would ever hurt a fly, nor be able to garner the political support to take over the world. 

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    And Teenage Robots Have Hissy Fits

    Gif of a breakdancing action legs robot that is missing the whole upper part of it's body but still has the wherewithal to throw a temper tantrum on the warehouse floor.

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    There's This Helpful Robot That Just Wants to Feed Runners Tomatos

    This adorable and lightweight robot can easily be worn on your head, and will provide you with juicy, fresh tomatoes inserted right into your mouth as you run your little heart out.

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    Fact: If You Can't Kick a Ball, You Can't Rule Humanity

    Via: Bing

    Robot appears to try and kick the ball, fail, throws a bit of a hissy fit and collapses from exhaustion, never kicking the actual ball.

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    Mid-Week Ennui Subsumes Us All

    Via: Senor GIF

    Robot must have gotten scared of his own reflection in the glass door and didn't know what to do. Those weak knees is why this one won't take over the world.

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    There Are Stairs Everywhere, The Perfect Weapon Against Killbots

    Via: Rising Tensions

    Asimo, the Honda robot that looks like a kid wearing a space suit is actually a very advanced humanoid robot that hilariously falls here as it tries to climb the stairs. Still, don't give that thing a weapon, please.

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    Maybe If They Watch The Classic Film Ladybugs They'd Have a Chance

    Via: Chicken McNugget

    With all the talk lately about how automation and robots are going to take everyone's job, it is a bit hard to be concerned for anyone who's job is being a goalie.

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    Robots Aren't Really For Soccer

    Via: GIF | Memebase

    Goofy looking small robots dancing around the ball on a soccer field, not able to really stop the ball from going in, and falling over for no reason.

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    Elderly Robots Are Determined, But Still Move at Snail's Pace

    This robot would be ideal to help clear a path through a crowded area, but not much more.

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    Look How Trustworthy This Robot Is, Totally Not Something That Would Be Indifferent To Your Death

    By making the robot look like a drugged up killer, it makes you trust it a little less. 

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