You Will Learn A Lot About Fighting Via Reading This Collection of Web Comics

While reports have suggested that violence has gone down immensely over the last 25 years, as the internet has turned us all into logical cyborgs that follow the rules, there are still some who rebel against logic and intelligence and prefer physical confrontation. This collection of web comics highlights lessons learned but allows you to avoid the physical danger of getting hit.

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    Fighting is Natural

    Via: Channel Ate

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    The First Rule of Street Fighting is Always The One I Forget

    Via: J Hall Comics

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    Although Mankind May Have Domesticated Dogs And Goats, There Are Still Beasts That Do Not Bow Down

    Via: Amateur Hour Comics

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    Nerds Will Still Throw Down

    Via: Cyanide And Happiness

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    They Learned From One of The Best

    Via: Queen Mob

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    Nature Has a Way of Reminding You What is Important

    Via: Moonbeard

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    The Main Reason You Can't Fight The Government

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    Some Say What You Eat Has Away of Shaping Your Temperment

    Via: Bacon Asylum

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    Love And Hate Are Very Passionate Emotional States

    Via: Owl Turd

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    However Most Potential Fights End Up Like This

    Via: Poorly Drawn Lines
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