Olympic Round-Up: LONDON 2012 ABRIDGED

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Wind up in a coma over the last three weeks? HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED IN THE LONDON 2012 SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES.

Usain Bolt remained the fastest man alive, Michael Phelps confirmed that he's a child of Atlantis, and USA Gymnastics came out on top.

Then there was Mo Farah helping Team GB have the most wining Track and Field Olympics ever, Americans ran with broken legs, races were run by men with different legs, and hurdles were not necessarily overcome.

Men flew and the world sang and we briefly turned to the stars.

There were shenanigans and spectacular accomplishments. Victories for both teams and individuals, and sometimes and entire country will stand up and cheer.

Although we had fun rooting for silly things sometimes, this has truly been a Summer Games to remember.

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