Whether You Think Aliens Exist or Not, These 21 Web Comics Are Out of This World

Are aliens abducting people and crafting crop circles in our farms? Do they watch our TV shows without understanding our jokes? The truth is out there and whichever conclusion the evidence points you to, these web comics will make you want to believe.

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    A Little Hard Work And Having Acid For Blood is All You Need to Achieve Your Goals

    Via: Strap Off

  • 2

    What's More Exciting? Water on Mars or Finally Being Adopted Into Your Forever Home?

    Via: Liz Climo

  • 3

    Try Hitting Refresh One More Time

    Via: jakelikesonions

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    This Explains Why Humans Never See Aliens

    Via: b3ta
    And why my carrot patch has all those weird markings.

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    Via: nyukcomics

  • 6

    Whisk Me Away

    Via: Consolia Comic

  • 7

    Be Sure to Please Your Child's Imaginary Friends

    Via: Optipess

  • 8

    It's Always a Difficult Conversation to Have

    Via: Just Say Eh Comics

  • 9

    A Universal Problem

    Via: Mediocre Comics

  • 10

    Tap Of The Morning

    Via: Pain Train Comic

  • 11

    Alien Comfort

    Via: Butt Poems

  • 12

    First Contact With Aliens

    Via: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

  • 13

    Personal Space Invaders

    Via: Chuckling Dog

  • 14

    And This is Why Aliens Will Never Come to Visit Earth

    Via: Poorly Drawn Lines

  • 15

    Aliens Are Full of Pranks

    Via: Mister Hayden

  • 16

    There's Always Two Sides to a Story

  • 17

    UFO's Finally Explained

    Via: Mark Mak

  • 18

    Alien Theme Park

    Via: Bing

  • 19

    So This Means Vegans Are in On This, Right?

    Via: Completely Serious Comics

  • 20

    A Clever Trick

    Via: Lunar Baboon

  • 21

    This a Nice Human Joke

    Via: Skeleton Sword Fights
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