This Snowball Dodging Dog Started a Photoshop Battle Worthy of His Smug Little Face

At first glance he may not look it, but this Shiba Inu is very multi-talented. There is a reason he looks so smug while dodging that snowball. Reddit's photoshop battle arena shows this special doge as he travels the world and makes use of his many skills.

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    The Original

    Via: la-vida-colorista
    Shibe playing in the snow on his day off.

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    He's Obviously a Skilled Performer

    Via: zvoidx

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    This Dog Is About to Win Dancing With the Stars

    Via: blu3nh
    Sorry, Bindi Irwin.

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    Oh, Now He's a Pool Shark?

    Via: blue_awning

  • 5

    Or... Maybe Just a Pool Enthusiast

    Via: gnostic_cat

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    He's Very Helpful in the Kitchen!

    Via: joseph4tw

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    He's Also Secretly Robin Hood: Doge in Tights

    Via: i_am_a_bot_ama

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    He's Really Good at Catch

    Via: MrFiskIt

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    And He's a Professional Doge-Ball Champion

    Via: dantepicante

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    He Still Finds Time to Hang With His Classy Friends Though

    Via: ralphwigwam1

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    Who Doesn't Like to Spend the Day Doing the Twist at a Beach Party

    Via: elnatho

  • 12

    He Surfs Too

    Via: xeroillusion
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