These Web Comics Will Get You Into the Spirit of Thanksgiving

Prepping for Thanksgiving can be stressful. For most people, the thought of spending so much time with all their relatives in one room is even enough to make them excited to see those too-early Christmas decorations. So take a minute to breath in the smells of turkey cooking and casseroles burning while you read these web comics to remind you what Thanksgiving is all about.

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    How Are You At Making Casserole?

    Via: badorangescomic

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    Thanksgiving Horror

    Via: Naptoons

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    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    He Must Be a Juvenile

    Via: naptoons

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    How Star Wars Does Thanksgiving

    Via: vectorbelly

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    That Seems Okay

    Via: webdonuts

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    After That Turkey You Won't Need It, You Turkey

    Via: Naptoons

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    Spending Time With Family Will Give You Something to Be Thankful For

    Via: unearthedcomics

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    A Proud History

    Via: DannyConner

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    Thanks To Technology

    Via: mariascrivan

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    Give Thanks For Sweatpants!

    Via: Liz Climo

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    Sounds Delicious... I Mean Suspicious

    Via: beatricebiologist

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    It's Better To Not Ask Those Questions

    Via: adorablecrap

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    No Hard Feelings

    Via: webdonuts

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    Thanksgiving Summed Up With Hard Data

    Via: thegentlemansarmchair
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