Elf on the Shelf Returns! It's That Time of Year Again for Parents to Creep Everyone Out While Preparing Their Children to Live in a Festive Police State

With creepy eyes and a tendency to jump out and tattle on you, the Elf on the Shelf has become a beloved holiday tradition. Not everyone is comfortable with this, including a professor who warns that our children will learn to love a future with 1984-like surveillance. Jolly St. Nick is watching you.

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    They've Been Preparing All Year for This

    Via: @Pillsbury

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    Look at Him, Hiding in a Corner

    Via: @Pokedad453

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    Oh No, Now They're Leaving Messages?

    Via: thenerdswife
    It's like the creepy mirror writing in every horror movie. 

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    This Year They're Even Checking Your Internet History

    Via: PITT OHIO

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    She Probably Poisoned Those Cookies

    Via: A.C. Moore

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    They're Masters of Disguise

    Via: Amanda Salinas On FOX 7

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    Nowhere is Safe

    Via: Australian Women's Weekly

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    They've Even Turned Your Friends Against You

    Via: Learning Express Toys
    Pinky swears mean nothing. 

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    They're Not All Perfect Either

    Via: @cecesolivan
    So why are they so judgmental?

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    At Least Someone's Fighting Back

    Via: @GloriaG_06
    Although it's a little ironic that Darth Vader has become a rebel against a powerful, bureaucratic empire...

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    This Amusing Video May Explain Why Some People Find Them So Creepy

    Via: Laura Pinto
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