Which of These Spectacular Fails Is the Best Fail Video of 2015?

Some of these videos will amaze you and some of them pushed the envelope to come up with new and better ways to fail. As most of these videos suggest, we can't all be winners. It's up to you to decide! Vote daily for your favorite FAIL of 2015 until Tuesday, 12/15/15.

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    This Guy Invented a Stabby Tentacle Machine and Can't Turn It Off

    Via: outaspaceman .

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    Things Get Awkward Fast When This Guy Attempts an Elaborate Promposal

    Via: Daniel Pena

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    Justin Bieber Chugs Hennessy On Stage And Immediately Regrets It

    Via: @SydneyA
    As a bottle of Hennessy comes his way, the singer takes a big gulp like a big boy does.

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    That Moment When You Accidentally Set Your House On Fire During a Live Stream

    Via: Mitt

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    Listen As Two MLB Announcers Tear Into Sorority Girls at a Baseball Game

    Via: MLB

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    The Moment When Your Incorrect Jeopardy Answer Insults Liberals

    File this under "Unexpected Responses."

    Posted by Jeopardy! on Friday, October 23, 2015
    Via: Jeopardy

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