‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ is Titled in Amazing and Awful Ways With #BadStarWars8Names on Twitter

People on Twitter have been offering up titles for the 'Star Wars: Episode VIII". No one really knows what kind of tale the eighth installment of this epic space saga will tell but these people decided to make a guess. The resulting titles are hilarious, punny and terrible. It's probably best if the makers of the eighth Star Wars movie just stay away from the internet altogether until it's finished.

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    As Long as It's Action Packed, I'm Still Interested

    Via: @_martinjweller

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    It's Just a Fact of Life

    Via: @revandrem

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    Can Luke and Rey Defeat His Fleet of Luxury Five Star Hotels?

    Via: @TrevDon

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    Hopefully It Will Also Be 'Luke Who's Talking'

    Via: @danielmwright
    Otherwise, it'll be a long episode.

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    This Time Instead of a Death Star, They Just Buy a House Boat

    Via: @Rainearthimbue

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    Hmmm, I Thought They Just Released This One

    Via: @libraryyoda

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    Rumor Has It the Ewoks This Movie Is Based on Have a History of Eating Stormtroopers

    Via: @doreli12

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    Some People Might Say, "Why is This a Show?" But the Daily Life of a Smuggler Can Be Very Entertaining

    Via: MarcusPoliocus

  • 9

    His Struggles Are So Relatable

    Via: @VaughnFry

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    This is More of a Documentary on the Troopers Union

    Via: @Sharpzilla

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    Disney's No Stranger to Adaptations of Classic Stories, After All

    Via: @stpeteyontweety

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    This Episode Must Focus Pretty Heavily on Poe Dameron

    Via: @gigirules7

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    You Know Who's Really Comfortable Around Water? JAR JAR BINKS

    Via: @filmfest_ca
    Or should I say, Darth Darth Binks?
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