A Reporter Complained That Ciara Needed to 'Cover Up' During her Performance and People Are Not Having It

Ciara wore a fancy dress to sing the anthem before the College Football Playoff Championship game on Monday night. It seems like a pretty normal situation but Bonnie Bernstein of Campus Insiders had a problem with Ciara's choice of clothing. She called her out, using the classic "think of the children" as justification for telling her to "cover up". The response to her Tweet has been overwhelmingly negative.

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    For Reference, Here Is the Infamous Dress

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    Via: Uproxx

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    And the Infamous Tweet

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    Via: @BonnieBernstein

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    Now a Picture of the Internet's Response

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    Via: @FlowsAndolini

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    Fair Point

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    Via: @JesseKenn

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    Think of the CHILDREN!

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    Via: @FUCCl

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    The Kids Will Have to Stick to More Family Friendly Sports

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    Via: Jon_Cornes

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    If You Criticize Someone's Sartorial Choices, It's Bound to Get Personal

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    Via: @xEricG

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    At Least Someone Offered Bonnie Some Solid Advice

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    Via: @MattNowak1
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