14 Awesome Pokémon Gifs

Some of the best Pokémon gifs from the anime, video games, or the interwebs!

  • Life is No Nintendo Game

    Via: puraspokeweas
  • Dialga Used Roar of Time!

    Via: RedPandaMediaGroup
    It's 11AM!
  • What's a Clefairy Supposed to Do?

    Via: stingie
    Homer Simpson has some competition.
  • I Want to Evolve You So Bad

    Via: Blood Trident
    Deadpool should have never trusted that Magikarp Salesman.
  • Electroll

    At least he didn't self destruct. Just sayin'
  • True Love

    Professor Oak better have a Full Restore handy.
  • Look at All the Colors

    Via: coltycolt
    Of course Lavender Town would have the glitch.
  • A True Intellectual Conversation

    Still smarter than the average internet argument.
  • Forever Surfing

    Via: rofljay
    Have you ever done this? Prepare to feel guilty.
  • The Scariest Animation That Can Happen in Pokémon Stadium

    We know the answer! We can live in peace now. Diglett is a UFO.
  • You Can't Make Me Get Off This Bike!

  • If Anyone is Complaining About Gen VI, Show Them This

    Via: Vablatsky
  • Wooper Goes With the Flow

  • Like a Ducklett

    Via: poke-wishes
    Psh... Psyduck who?
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