The Photoshop Battle Based on This Smug Little Goat Will Satisfy the Snootiest of Critics

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Did you just turn your nose up at us? You think you're so much better than us, don't you, tiny goat? Well, we'll show you! Someday... For now we'll just enjoy these amazing photoshops of said smug little goat, guaranteed to please even the snobbiest internet connoisseur.

  • Making a Mutton

    Via: workingat7
  • Oh, Maybe He Really Is Holier-Than-Thou

    Via: davepollotart
  • Smug, He Is Not. Just Wise, He Is.

    Via: fTwoEight
  • "I Swear On Me MAaaaAAAaaAAaaA"

    Via: evil-i
    You wool, m8?
  • I Said Baaahhh, What's Goating On?

    Via: YouMayHaveSeenMeOnTV
  • Boop

    Via: EffingSpiders
  • Make America Goat Again

    Via: Zydeco-A-Go-Go
  • I Only Eat Organic Foods

    Via: bmdisbrow
  • My Pearls!

    Via: newbeenew
  • So You're Telling Me...

    Via: CannedInk
  • Yea, I'm Thinking I'm Baaaaack

    Via: jickay
  • Mary Had a Little Friend

    Via: Crompton445
  • M'Nanny

    Via: HeyItsPear
  • Pardon Me...

    Via: whiteguyinbeige
  • Never Feed It After Midnight

    Via: i_am_a_bot_ama
  • Whatchoo Talkin' Bout, Billy?

    Via: whiteguyinbeige
  • Major League Goating

    Via: mepwn12
  • Bah Bah Baaaaaaaaaaaaaah....

    Via: wbfletcher
  • Can't Wait for the Next Bleat the Jewels Album

    Via: Dispen
  • Yes.. I Will Destroy Ewe All

    Via: paramka
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