Russell Wilson Took a Stab At Creative Writing to Express His Love and Ended Up Just Using the First Thing He Googled

Russell Wilson wanted to shout his love from the Twitter tops with (more than one) #WomanCrushWednesday posts about Ciara. He searched desperately for the words to describe her beauty and settled on a mash-up of corny, poetic words from the first creative writing website he found.

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    Russ Loves Ciara So Much He Wrote Her a Generically Poetic #WCW on Instagram

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    Via: @dangerusswilson

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    But Wait... His Love is So Deep That He Posted an Evening Edition #WCW on Twitter

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    Via: @DangeRussWilson

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    Oh... But He Forgot to Cite His Source

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    Via: @natalieweiner

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    Because Apparently He Copy/Pasted the Parts That Sounded Good and Somewhat Accurate From the First Site of a Google Search

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    Via: descriptivewriting

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    Even More Sad, He Didn't Even Use Google! He Says He Used Bing

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    Via: @DangeRussWilson

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    And Then People on Twitter Made Fun of Him

    Via: @ChrisTrapasso

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    Cheezburger Image 8746109440
    Via: @turtlekang_

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    Cheezburger Image 8746109696
    Via: @drewmagary

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    Via: @SpikeFriedman

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    But He Responded to the Internet's Reaction With a Good Save

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    Via: @DangeRussWilson
    Maybe he's not lazy, just out of his element. Or both! Probably both.
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