Fans on Both Sides Agree, 'Woo Guy' Was the Worst Part of the Super Bowl

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Who is Woo Guy? He placed himself by the microphone and woo-ed through all of Super Bowl 50, regardless of what was happening. Once you hear it, you can't stop hearing it. He was probably just having a good time, but people hate him for it.

  • Can You Hear It?

    Via: Oran D. Lord
    At first it just seems like a regular football broadcast but wait.... what's that faint noise in the background. That high pitched "woo-ing". Listen closely and you'll hear him. Woo Guy.
  • Like a Wild Animal Calling Out

    Via: @jonjones
  • They Say Hell Is Other People

    Via: @OhTurdFergussen
  • It's a Sound That Will Stick With You for the Rest of Your Life

    Via: @gentrymckeown
  • Surely Something Can Be Done About This

    Via: @Kelly_Lum
  • Please?

    Via: @jeress
  • They Tried to Find Him

    Via: @bigu
  • But There Were Too Many Possibilities

    Via: @SethMacFarlane
  • Woo Guy Is Infinite

    Via: @bernardtmartin
  • And After This Reception It's Unlikely for Someone to Come Forward

    Via: @JustinFulkerson
  • Of Course, Not Everyone Hates Him

    Via: @dr00bz
  • But... Almost Everyone

    Via: @RobbieWSilver
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