The Untouched Picture of Kim Jong-Un Started a Supreme Photoshop Battle

North Korea released a smiling picture of Kim Jong-Un and were VERY specific about pointing out the fact that the image was untouched. Obviously the first thing the internet did when they got a hold of the image was to touch it up a bit. The results were glorious.

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    The Original UNTOUCHED Image

    Via: tomgoodyear

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    The Touched Image

    Via: TheBlazingPhoenix

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    The Kim of All Cosmos

    Via: RancherStock

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    The Similarities Are Striking

    Via: anon132457

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    They're Remaking Everything These Days

    Via: Wkellyxc2000

  • 6

    Glorious Eater

    Via: harrymcsmash

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    Great Sun of the Teletubbies Nation

    Via: RickRussellTX

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    Via: piponwa

  • 9


    Via: Lumbel

  • 10

    SpongKim JongPants

    Via: ungodlywarlock

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    Kim Jong Un-berry

    Via: B3eenthehedges
    The photoshopper said he was going for a "Mr. Potato Head" look but the concensus was that it looked more like everyone's favorite Wild Thornberry. 

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    Supreme Leader Potato Head

    Via: B3eenthehedges

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    Hair Placement is Everything

    Via: spughetti

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    Kim Jong-Uncharted

    Via: CptSasquatch

  • 15

    Please, No!

    Via: ne0n_valkyrie

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    What Secrets Lie Behind That Smile?

    Via: -doitforjohnny-
    Human rights violations, most likely. 
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