Celebrate Father's Day With This List of Amazing Dad Things

Unless you were born in a test tube or believe in Midi-chlorians, you have a dad to thank for bringing you into this world.

Shout out to all those special fathers out there.

Happy Father's Day!

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    Like Father Like Daughter

    Via: Tumblr

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    Dad's Handiwork

    Via: Tumblr

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    The Most Patient Dad on the Planet

    Via: America's Funniest Home Videos

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    Sorry, Officer. I Was Going No.

    Via: Tumblr

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    Describe Your Father

    Via: 01062426050

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    The Circle of Life

    Via: Tumblr

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    Dad's Lesson Lands A Bit Too Hard

    Via: SlimJones123

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    Do You Think He Felt That?

    Via: IHateMyParents

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    You Won't Need Anything Else to Keep You Warm at Night

    Via: RuggedlyHandsome

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    There's No Rage Quite Like "Dad Trying to Fix Something" Rage

    Via: amoats14

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    A Classic Look of Dad Disappointment

    Via: Acid Cow

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    Dad Loves One Thing and One Thing Only

    Via: Brown Cardigan

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    The One Dad Joke That Can Never Be Unheard

    Via: beautshiet
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