In Loving Memeory of Gene Wilder, Here's a List of Willy Wonka Memes

Unfortunately, at 83 years old Gene Wilder is no longer with us, but we'll always have the amazing movies he's been in... and also these "classic" memes.

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    Via: Memegenerator.net

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    Retail Workers Know Their Memes

    Via: Retail Hell Underground

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    Your Move, Anti-Vaxxers...

    Via: Dump a Day

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    Swing and a Miss

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    No Need to Be So Harsh About It

    There was a problem rendering this video- The video may have been deleted.
    Via: Jesse McLaren

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    Willy Wonka is the Perfect Gamemaker

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    Ubisoft's New Game

    Via: gamers-gaming

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    Your Beats by Dre Say Otherwise

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    Nice Job Understanding Sarcasm Beats By Dre...

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    Where'd They Go?

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    Now What?

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    Have You Even Seen Any Classic Who?

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    Sorry, I Don't See Swag Anywhere on The Menu

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    You Know, You Should Really Learn to Use the Meme First

    Please tell me more about how they work.

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    That's Why She's Always in a Bad Mood

    Welcome to the internet.

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    I Saved SO Many

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    A Lifetime Supply of Sarcasm

    Via: Mister_Muffins

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    I Drink Molson and Foster's Just

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    Ooh, Avril Lavigne, Nice Choice!

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    The Condescension is Too Much to Take

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    And Of Course, We Can't Forget This One

    Via: jokesandfun
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