Take Note And Never Eat A Mango The Old Way Again

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This street fruit vendor knows exactly how to fix the sticky-handied mess that is eating mango. 

Tool of the Day: Browser Extension Swaps ‘Jeb Bush’ & ‘Marco Rubio’ with ‘Florida Man’

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We could all use more “Florida Man” with his crazy antics in our lives, and fortunately we have two of them running for president.

Marco Rubio has officially declared his candidacy, and Jeb Bush is expected to officially throw his hat in the ring soon, even though he sort of already let it slip a few weeks ago.

And so the Independent Journal Review took the next logical step and developed a new Chrome extension which replaces any instance of their names with “Florida Man.”

For example:

More importantly, it will also randomly swap all references to “Florida Man” with one of the two candidates, creating some amazing headlines like this one:

No that didn’t actually happen to Rubio. but it certainly makes reading about the already crowded Republican race much more entertaining.

Once you download and enable the program, head on over to Florida Man’s Twitter account for endless fun.

Well done, IJR, well done.

Chrome Extension Changes All Instances of "Millennials" to "Snake People," Makes Internet No Less Intelligible Along the Way

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Millennials to Snake People does exactly what it says on the tin: Every time the internet spits out That Word at you that describes a certain generation of post-GenX youths, it changes it to "snake people." Suddenly, all those think pieces, lists, and annoying articles make a whole lot more sense!

Above image Daily Dot.