I Can Has Cheezburger?

Kind-Hearted Woman Rescues Puppies From Suitcase And Cares For Them

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    "I met these pups and their owner last week when I was giving dog supplies to homeless pet owners living in a tent community. This pups were living in a suitcase in one of the tents and I came back that night with milk and bottles and puppy food for momma

    -- Free spay in neuter isn't as available in my city as we would like, long wait times, clinic across town (hard for someone who doesn't have a car) and only free for residents (with an address). 

    Their owner has done a great job raising them and has only asked that I help her find good stable homes for them. I went back yesterday to check on the dogs and crates I donated and that's when their owner asked me if I could take them now. Without hesitation, I did."

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    "Thankfully, I have a super forgiving roommate who even helped me bathe them when we got home."

    Screenshot - Today 3:53 PM Don't hate me How many dogs are you bringing home! Lol ase don't hate me Delivered It's ok iMessage
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    "We can laugh at my situation lol. They’re finally getting enough to eat and.... it’s messy. They’re eating 4-5 cans of puppy food each day."

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    "In the rescue world, normally they divide bottle puppies up in groups of 2 or 3 so I’m essentially doing the work of 4 volunteer families. (did I mention how awesome my roommate is for helping?) I’ve had little sleep.

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    "This is their first night to be warm indoors. They were super snuggly and slept A LOT."

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    Call me sleep deprived or call me grateful but I cried when these donations arrived today from amazon. I am really stressed on taking on this many pups not knowing what’s next. --


    I fully plan on finding homes for them even if I don't get a rescue to adopt them out. I was so relieved to know I don't have to worry about deworming and food to last me a little bit."

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    "I decided to name them after successful people who overcame homelessness. This one specifically is Conor McGregor."

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    "I first tried bottle feeding all of them but it wasn’t manageable with that and cleaning up messes. I started them on canned puppy food soaked in puppy formula and they’ve LOVED it. --


    There's so many of them that I'm having to feed them one at a time from my tiny bowl so I can get an idea of who's eating enough since it could be easily overlooked if I fed them on one giant plate. It's also so much cleaner when they're not walking through the puppy food."

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    "This has been a sleepless 24 hours and this was for sure unexpected fostering but I am growing fond of them. They’re only 3-4 weeks old at the moment. They’re so healthy and with that many, it’s impossible to keep them clean


    (but I try my best to keep them clean). 

    I've had amazing support from my vet who has called me on her day off as well as after work. She's worked hard to find me a rescue group to help me foster all these puppies. If not, I planned on donating some of these pet supplies from imgur to the vets office (things she would normally have to order for the office) to help pay for the vaccines and spay and neuter if I do end up taking all this on by myself (which I honestly can't afford).

    This week @mrpuckett has helped me with a supply drive and now more than ever, I could really use the supplies since I wasn't prepared to take tiny puppies on. A larger puppy pen, puppy crates, tiny collars, beds, blankets, puppy food, paper towels, things to clean poop with, if amazon sold naps, it'd be on my wishlist lol."

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    "Update on the puppies I rescued from a suitcase!"


    "Day 2 at my house and they're doing great! The weather was actually nice today so I let them have some time on the grass while I cleaned and deodorized my house."

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    "Also people were asking, boys or girls? Half and half!"

    Fur - Sir Cirl Girl Boy Girl Boy Boy Boy

    "BIG NEWS! We found a rescue to foster a couple of the puppies to help lighten my load and I'm hugely relieved by that! I hope it'll make finding homes for them a little easier. I still absolutely need someone from Imgur to adopt Baby Puckett who was a name request by @MrPuckett"

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    "BAD NEWS: my roommate tested positive for he flu and I can’t allow myself to get sick with all these pups depending on me, so... I’m disinfecting the house, wearing gloves and praying none of this gets the dogs sick"

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    "Sound off: looks like a first awoo Sound on: sounds like a screaming banshee"

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    "Good morning puppies. I don’t normally wake up and open a of Pepsi but after waking up 5 different times to feed them last night. I needed the sugar and caffeine, it took 3 to power me through the day."

    Canidae - pepsi
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    "Special thank you to anyone who sent me cleaning supplies from my amazon wishlist. You’d never guess how messy these puppies can be. Tried to feed them 2 at a time tonight to make sure everyone is getting enough to eat."

    If you'd like to help tayclark out with some needed supplies, check out the Amazon wishlist

    Thank you, tayclark! You have a heart of gold. 


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