Tumblr User Expounds Tolkien's Wonderful Nerdery

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    Text - mirkwoodest One of the ballsiest things Tolkien ever did was write 473k words about some hobbits called frodo, sam, merry, and pippin and then write in the appendices that their names are actually maura, ban, kali, and razal, mirkwoodest This just in: Eowyn and Eomer's names actually start with the letter "L." (source for other nerds]
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    Text - mirkwoodest #wait so they have hobbitish names and common names? No, they have Westron names and English names. What you've got to understand is that everything Tolkien wrote was him pretending to merely translate ancient documents. He was writing as if the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were actually been written by Bilbo, Frodo, and Sam (or Bilba, Maura, and Ban) and he was just some random contemporary academic translating it all into English for us. There are many languages in his b
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    Text - "But Mirkwoodest!" you cry, "The word 'hobbit' isn't an English word! And the names Bilbo Baggins, Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, Peregrin Took, and Meriadoc Brandybuck" all sounds super weird and not like English at all!" Psych! They are in English! (Or Old English, German, or Norse.) Once again you underestimate what a nerd Tolkien was. Let me break it down: In Westron, hobbits are actually called "kuduk," which means "hole-dweller," so for an English translation, Tolkien called them "h
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    Text - "Banazir" is Westron for "half-wise, or simple."In Proto Germanic, the prefix "Sam" means half, and wise is obviously a word we still use. "Razanur" means "Traveler" or "Stranger" which is also the meaning of the word "Peregrin(e)" This one is a twofer because "Razar" means "a small red apple" and in English so does "Pippin." "Kalimac" apparently is a meaningless name in Westron, but the shortened form "Kali" means "happy," so Jirt decided his nickname would be "Merry" and chose the reall
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    Text - I'm not going to go on and talk about the last names but those all have special meanings too (except Tük, which is too iconic to change more than the spelling of, apparently). The Rohirrim were also Westron speakers first and foremost, so their names are also "translations" into Old English and Proto-Germanic words, i.e. "Eowyn" is a combination of "Eoh" (horse) and "Wynn" (joyl bliss). "Rohirrim/Rohan" are Sindarin words, but in the books, they call themselves the "Éothéod" which is an O
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    Text - The names of all the elves, dwarves, Dunedain, and men from Gondor are not English translations, since they come from root words other than Westron. The takeaway from this is that when a guy whose first real job was researching the history and etymology of words of Germanic origin beginning with the letter "W" writes a book, you can expect this kind of tomfoolery. Notes: Sorry I said "Razal" instead of "Razar" in my original post l'm a fraud. Further Reading: Rohirric , Westron


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