#GetInfluenced: Valentine's Day Edition

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    Text - i.need.more.attention alo 5k Posts 8,000 Followers 10,000 Following Kelly Blake Delusional Millionaire, Attention Addict, Fashionista * Momtrepreneur, Food lover, Blogger * Complex Vegan - only eat organic * Create content to fill the huge empty void in my soul

    January is finally over (my god, I thought it would never end!) and the month of love is upon us.

    I'm so excited to share my much-requested tips on how to create the perfect Valentine's Day which requires zero effort from your partner and still gives you everything you want and deserve from Cupid. But first, here's a quick update on what I've been up to since you last heard from me.  

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    I finally hired a new nanny. She's Brazilian, a qualified nail-technician (score!), a Michelin trained chef and has two Masters Degrees in child psychology. But most importantly, she doesn't have any family here so I never have to worry about giving her time off. Thank you to everyone who prayed for me during this difficult time – you make me feel truly #blessed.

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    Facial expression - O love being pampered

    I booked a yoga retreat in Bali for next month because even though it's only February and 2020 is already taking its toll. I really believe that the only difference between an ordinary Influencer and an extraordinary Influencer is a little bit of self-care, and since you deserve the best version of me, I'm taking some 'me-time' to emotionally prepare for 2020. You're welcome!

    @virginatlantic, feel free to reach out with some free flights to help me get to Bali in style.

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    Hair - I feel nothing.

    My husband got promoted at work, which means he'll be spending every other Monday – Friday in Europe visiting clients with his secretary. This isn't ideal (least of all because I'm pretty sure they're having an affair), but I've learned how to close my eyes to the things I don't want to see, and my heart to the things I don't want to feel. #MasteringMarriage

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    Cheek - I dont get it

    Speaking of relationships, let's jump straight into Valentine's Day.

    I find it strange that men, who claim to be so great with directions, are incapable of navigating the journey of female's Valentine's Day expectations. Sure, they start off on the right track, walking hand-in-hand with you toward a fairytale romance. But one wrong turn, and suddenly they're steering you down a path of soul-crushing disappointment and you can't stop him because the brakes have failed. The solution?

    Simply create the perfect day for yourself and have your partner just show up as if he planned the whole thing. This way, you get what you want, he doesn't have to stress about how to give it to you and you can both pretend everything's ok! Here are my top three tips on how to pull it off:

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    Hair - ITamro PREMIERE Bravo I want diamonds and pearls.

    1.  Throw all budgets out the window.

    Anyone who claims that money doesn't buy happiness has obviously never entered Tiffany's with no limit on their credit card. I believe that the bigger the diamond, the more he loves you (or, in this case, the more you love yourself). Visit your favorite jewelers, buy yourself something you love and pop it on your pillow with a love-note from him (that really you've written to yourself). All he needs to do is sign his name – easy peasy!

    @tiffanyandco feel free to reach out with some free diamonds to help me achieve self-love.

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    Facial expression - YOU CAN SAY IT, YOU LOVE ME 980

    2.  Make him a list of all the reasons he loves you.  

    Sometimes men need reminding that you are the best thing that ever happened to them. Refreshing their memories with the reasons they fell in love with you in the first place can help rekindle the romance on Valentine's Day. Compile a list of all the reasons you love yourself, but have him read them out loud to you just before he gives you the jewelry you bought for yourself. By verbalizing your reasons, he will internalize them and thus believe that what he's reading are his own thoughts.

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    3. Heart-shaped everything.

    Similar to the previous tip, the more heart-shaped things he sees in the room, the more he will internalize the romance, further helping to convince him that it's really there. Some call it manipulation, but I call it genius. Think confetti, pillows, balloons, stuffed toys, and photo frames. You can even throw on some heart-shaped nipple tassels if you're feeling a little frisky. Nothing is too much – the more hearts he sees, the better. Trust me on this one.

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    So there you have it. Just remember, you are a goddess who deserves love on Valentine's Day and every day. If your man is incapable of giving it to you, give it to your own damn self. Oh, and let me know if any of these tips worked for you! See you next time, Kelly xoxo


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