Dumbest Things Surgeons Had To Remove From People

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    Text - Succulentowl 1.3k points · 20 hours ago · edited 19 hours ago Not a surgeon but a CST. Crayon from an ear canal. Shampoo bottle from the rectum. Jar of coconut oil from the rectum. Rolled ball of aluminum foil from a male's urethra. Pencil from a male's urethra. There's more but those are the ones that stick out. Unluckily for them, those didn't.stick out...
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    Text - Muahhahaha 968 points · 2 months ago S Not my story, my friend is a radiographer. A guy came into the hospital with Barbie dolls up his butt. After scans, One came out without too much issue, but the other was too far up. They were worried that if it was pulled out, it's arms would open and puncture the bowel. So they scheduled surgery, the x-ray staff waiting excitedly for news.. The surgeon then returned and with a serious voice announced: " We've found Ken'.
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    Text - monkeysa47 1.1k points · 16 hours ago Grasshopper leg from underneath the conjunctiva (outer layer of skin on the front of the eyeball). Grasshopper jumped hard, ran into his eyeball. Got stuck and wiggled, part of the leg broke off. Grass-limper got away, but the foot/ankle did not.
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    Text - aganmuranaka 1 point · 1 hour ago Not a surgeon but an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) assistant. Tailfin of a fish from the eye. A woman was catching a fish when suddenly it jumped and poked her eye. The fin was stuck to her eye.
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    Text - Immortal_So_Far 42 points · 12 hours ago Honestly, a tiny, insignificant little speck of metal that a guy got in his arm. There was literally no reason it needed to come out because it had been there a long time and had never gotten infected or caused a problem. But he was absolutely dead set on having it out, even when I warned him that digging it out of his muscle was more likely to cause bleeding, scarring, pain, etc. And he wasn't willing to do it with just local. Oh No. Had to be put
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    Text - Stabby-the-cat 67 points · 17 hours ago When my friend was doing her nurses training in the ER a guy came in with an empty jam jar stuck up his arse, his excuse? - He had just had a shower & (whilst still wet) sat down in his chair. What he hadn't noticed was the empty jam jar on the chair & because he was wet & as a result, slippery the jam jar just happened to "slip" up his bottom. allegedly!
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    Text - thadiator94 3.6k points · 2 months ago 3 Endo Tech here, had a guy come in with a capped section of PVc pipe filled with Mercury because he liked the "sloshing" when he Jerkin his turken. Had to call in Hazmat and security had to be called when he became violent because they wouldn't give the Mercury laden pipe back.
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    Text - Mnonni 515 points · 2 months ago ER doc here, as previous posters suggest, it becomes hard to distinguish what is weird any more, so judge for yourselves 3 lemons About a foot of broom handle A lightbulb (which did not survive is adventure) So many toilet brushes (inserted brush and handle first) A series of toothpicks Any number of bottles, aerosol cans, etc
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    Text - Salty_Knees 17.4k points · 2 months ago Son of a Doctor here. My dad removed an entire peeled sweet potato from someone's colon once. He swore that he had just slipped and fell on it.
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    Text - TBoneus 211 points 2 months ago edited 2 months ago Medical student not a surgeon, but 1/2 a nunchuck! The other half left a nice lac between the eyes of his girlfriend when it broke. She needed stitches.. Remember kids, cheap nunchucks you win at a carnival make bad sex toys.
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    Text - jhepp23 81 points · 2 months ago I'm a scribe at my local ER and one time an 80 year old man was getting a CT scan and forewarned us that we would see something in his rectum that had been there at least 30 years but didn't bother to tell us what it was. It was a sword.
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    Text - ThaBriMan 73 points · 2 months ago My dad is a Doctor and apparently they swap these stories like trading cards. Here are his favorites: 1. His Doc friend has an X-ray that he shows to everyone, trying to get them to guess what is lodged inside someone. Spoiler, it's a bowling pin. 2. Another Doc friend has an artistic sculpture on his desk resembling a plant or tree of sorts. It's actually a plaster from a man's insides. A party of men decided to pour plaster in a volunteer's asshole, no


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