It's the First of November and We Mustache You a Question, Are You Participating in Movember?

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    This is What It's All About

    Nick Offerman, the breakout star of Parks and Recreation and probably one of the manliest men on TV these days, offers his words of encouragement to those having a second thought about participating in Movember, an annual, month-long celebration of growing moustaches to raise awareness of prostate cancer.
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    Here's How to Start

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    And Here's (Not) How to Finish It

    Do not try any of these at home, unless you want to participate in No Face November next year.
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    Here are Some Movember Memes to Inspire You

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    For Them, It's Movember All Year 'Round

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    Riding The Movember Bandwagon Synergy, For a Cure!

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    What A Feelin

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    The Real Movember Reasons

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    Your Movember Was Not as Productive as This Guy's

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    And Never the Two Shall Meet

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    What Your Stache Says About You

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    And At The End of November Remember to Let Go Of Your Moustache

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    Shave My Face When Movember Ends


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