Illogical Excuses Kids Use For Not Eating Their Food

  • 1

    #MyKidCantEatThis peanut butter and honey sandwich because the honey looks like a rabbit and she doesn't want to wreck it

    Peanut butter - L7 O onefunjac
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  • 2

    #MyKidCantEatThis Bat pasta - they cried because they couldn't understand it wasn't real bats

    Food - socialcommon
  • 3

    #MyKidCantEatThis because I broke the carrots. HELLO, I MADE OLAF

    17 mylittlegummibears
  • 4

    #MyKidCantEatThis because my son says there are too many colors and it hurts his eyes. My daughter carried the zucchini home from the farmers market like a baby, so she won't dare eat it.

    Dish - coffeepoweredmommy
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  • 5

    #MyKidCantEatThis because she already ate at school. It's Sunday

    Dish - you're -fect L7 megs1026
  • 6

    #MyKidCantEatThis because shells go in the ocean. He was upset when I ate my portion.

    Dish - mrslinderman
  • 7

    #MyKidCantEatThis because "the ice cream is melting and the gummy bears are drowning."

    Food - tabbarrett
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  • 8

    #MyKidCantEatThis because there's not enough milk. Another gallon should do it.

    Dish - @ldellthompson
  • 9

    #MyKidCantEatThis because a piece broke off of the bar and he "usually doesn't eat them when this happens.

    Food - wagnerjeremiah
  • 10

    #MyKidCantEatThis because there's a hole in it. A hole that she put there with her thumb.

    Wafer - hollylonghair
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  • 11

    #MyKidCantEatThis grilled cheese sandwich because it has a "tail" and he doesn't eat animals

    Food - @rugratmommy
  • 12

    #MyKidCantEatThis because it "looks like a church." She arranged the slices.

    Food - @kellyintenn
  • 13

    #MyKidCantEatThis because he doesn't like his food this fancy.

    Dish - @digitalpagan utjutment
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  • 14

    #MyKidCantEatThis because by removing the cherry seeds, I turned them into olives.

    Natural foods - @lenaluvslala
  • 15

    #MyKidCantEatThis because he wanted apples and peanut butter and this is... -

    Food - @princeza_21
  • 16

    #MyKidCantEatThis because while pretzels are yummy, and Goldfish are delicious, pretzel Goldfish are PURE BLASPHEMY. -

    Dish - @cassielouwho2
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  • 17

    #MyKidCantEatThis because it's the wrong colored bowl and I had the crazy idea of adding milk to it.

    Food - @richardlouis
  • 18

    #MyKidCantEatThis because "it's dirty." On Earth we call this "seasoning."

    Food - @jaimiellopez
  • 19

    #MyKidCantEatThis because she asked for cheese and crackers, not crackers and cheese.

    Food - @twokidsandababy
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  • 20

    #MyKidCantEatThis because there's a bubble near the crust. He doesn't even eat the crust.

    Dish - @missmanarose


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