Un-Orca-strated: Orcas Interrupt A Six-Year-Old Girls' Water Ski Lesson

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Natalie Kepa took her six-year-old daughter, Stella, waterskiing in Kumutoto Bay, New Zealand, when they ran into something unexpected -- orcas! 

Kepa told Storyful that upon first seeing the orcas, she simply "didn't know what to do."

As you can see in the video, Stella is absolute natural waterskiing, her mom and others cheer her on as she takes on this new activity for the very first time. However, soon those cheers turn into shouts of shock. 

"I was beside myself," Natalie told Storyful. Stella, on the other hand, "totally loved it," Natalie said. She "was crazily calm throughout" and is now keen to get out again as her friends thing she's an awesome "whale rider."

According to Whale Facts, orcas tackle large prey and won't attack a human unless threatened. Did you know that there are no known cases of humans being killed by them in the wild? Just something to chew on.

Be sure to look at the bottom of the video under the wake at 0:29 in the water... CRAZY.

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