Live-streaming Pasta-Making Classes From 84-Year-Old Grandma In Italy

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    Learning how to make hand made pasta from a real Italian grandmother has never been so easy....

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    Coronavirus might be keeping us at home, but this online experience will make you feel like Nonna Nerina is right there in your kitchen with you.

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    Nonna Nerina's two hour virtual cooking classes involves telling stories and laughing as she walks you through her favorite pasta recipes!

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    And all this from the comfort of your own home!

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    Nonna Nerina runs the classes on weekends, and her granddaughter Chiara runs them during the week, so Nerina doesn't get overwhelmed. She is 84-years-old after all!

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    So how does it work?

    Baking - 00:18:02
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    You select a date on her website that works for you and pay for the class (price: $50).

    Room - RØDOE 256
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    A week before your class, you will be sent a shopping list of ingredients to buy and a list of all utensils you will need to cook with.

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    Closer to the date of the class, Nonna Nerina will send you some notes (translated of course) to help you get ready for the experience.

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    You can use this fun and delicious virtual experience as a one-of-a-kind date night to impress or as a team building or bonding experience (all while practicing social distancing of course)!

    Floor - Tur
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    Chiara's message to all the young people stuck in their house is "This is the perfect moment to learn and practice. And if you don’t have a grandma next to you... you can have mine for a couple of hours".

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    And to the all the grandparents out there, she says "You are our strength!"

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    So what are you waiting for? Book a cooking session with Nonna Nerina asap and learn how to make authentic Italian pasta with an authentic Italian grandma. Buon appetito !


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