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    Text - Mohamad Safa @mhdksafa In Italy, he discovered that his neighbor in the hospital so he continued to feed his dog until his neighbor returned... A picture with a thousand meanings - Take care of your neighbors.
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    Sky - At the hospital in Richmond, Kentucky. BAPTISY HEALH Emerges y E HEROES WORK ERE logetherky Meptitinenth
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    Text - ALEX @AlexandraStrang So everyone in my neighborhood has been making signs/chalk drawings thanking my dad because they know he goes for daily walks. This was so touching and heartwarming to see on our evening walk tonight THANK THANK * YOU DR. STRANG * * * * * Thank You DrStranc Tay Ar a nd Lfe Super HERO 4:32 PM · 3/29/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Today I helped the humans decorate a tree to help make the small neighbor humans feel happier. I proposed that the humans should put dog treats in the eggs, but they said no. I'm not worried. My plan for world treat domination will come soon enough. Love, Kito
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    Child - HEARTWARMING: A doctor treating patients at a high- risk hospital in Arkansas is living away from his family and has to drive one hour to see his toddler. This is the special moment when they saw each other. STORY:
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    Text - Josh Anderson @DakSt8Football My 6th grader emailed her math teacher for some help, so he came over & worked through the problem with her on our front porch. @Chriswaba9, our neighbor, MMS teacher & MHS Wrestling Coach. #KidsFirst @MadisonMSNews @MarkOsports @dakotasportsnow @dakotanews_now @stwalter20
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    Adaptation - G. Q. K. @geoqk Owner teaches dog trick to help during pandemic Colorado dog delivers groceries to neighbor with health problems during Covid-19 pandem... 7:24 PM · 3/30/20 · Echofon
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    Text - Stephen Kunken O @stephenkunken This literally brought me to tears.I come from a family of doctors and I chose the circus. My city called out and these people selflessly answered the call. They are the best of us and we quite literally owe them our lives. Thank you. This sweet photo of health care workers flying to New York is what we need right now 6:39 PM · 3/30/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Product - Imandeep Kaur @ImmyKaur Some smiles, to brighten your day 8 Inderjit Kaur 2:30 PM · 3/30/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Table - Many hospitals in my area are running out of supplies and are asking for donations. Since not many people are helping my grandma is making colorful masks for our nurses and doctors.
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    Garden - Tsolation got down? Grab someONE to keep you COMDAN Y cumop noh
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    Organism - Rango Stan Account @jimmadseni A Zoo in Belgium built a multi species exhibit with Orangutans and Otters and it's the most wholesome shit l've ever seen. 2:24 PM · 3/30/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - His Dark Materials HDM @darkmaterials Our costume department are making scrubs for medics dealing with the Covid-19 virus in hospitals. Link below to donate towards materials! A heartwarming gesture from brilliant people we're proud to call colleagues and friends #HelpingDressMedics Helping Dress Medics organized by Dulcie Scott 9:57 AM · 3/28/20 · Twitter Web App
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    Text - Hilton House Care Home LOVETT CARE @HiltonHouseCare Here's a heartwarming video of Brenda receiving a visit from her Grandson Paul to brighten your Monday We hope everyone is staying safe & well! #CareHome #Staffordshire #StokeOnTrent
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    Photo caption - Barack Obama @BarackObama So many Americans right now are stepping up to help their communities. Zohaib Begg, a 7-year-old from VA, is one of them. This inspiring kid has been gathering supplies from hotels to donate to the medical professionals at his local hospital. AONEN F VINY! GLOVI diplee SHOWER CA 2nd-Grader Gives 6K Masks, Caps To Hospital Staff: Coronavirus 10:03 AM · 3/30/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Thank you so much for makung a purchase atMoe's today, We are ale Iving-tarough an unpredictablk scenario. right naw The teuth is we as a community ate_all in this together. Your purchase todey wll w'ensure the Financial t emotional seurity ox our 250t emplayees...s As well as our Lown families This Moe's lacation is owned by a local Long Island family, not thraugh a corparatione We are truly ihankful every day for the oppartunity to serve yas and this. go_a long way community His truly a
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    Organism - TAKE CARE ALWAYS [MAGIC CARD] This is a reminder for you to take care and be healthy. Please eat a proper meal, drink plenty of water and sleep early. Always remember that you are loved and worthy. Keep on smiling :)
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    Text - lydia me and me dad are sharing the dining room table working from home today. He's an aerospace engineer on a conference call ordering fuselage prototypes and I'm drawing a duck lydia HERES THE DUCKS GUYS these are cropped from very large spreads I'm working on for a kids book but can't post just yet. ENJOY
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    Head - Did you know that bees sleep between 5-8 hours a day, sometimes in flowers? Also, they like to sleep with other bees and hold each other's feet. Source angeldusted-fairies
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    Photo caption - LAD BIBLE 193,674 likes ladbible "This is me with my mum. Today she has been given the all clear. She has survived Hitler, open heart surgery, two replacement knees and two replacement hips. Few weeks ago she fell fractured her hip, two ribs and her spine. Last week she was diagnosed with Covid-19 and spent a week in intensive care. She is 86." What a fighter View alI 1 253 comments [RICHARD BRILEY]
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    Product - 4:07 ull 5 People > Took Apollo and Daisy for a car ride yesterday Grandad I hope they practiced social distancing. Hahaha Emily Grandmom Text Message Pay
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    Advertising - Sikhs abroad making India and entire Sikh Community proud of their Good deeds A #ProudSikh #Sikh #COVID RUI Shell V-Power NITRO+ 4 SHOP NEVER PAY FULL PRICE SAVE beer frozenloods-dairy 12x 099 FREE CARRY OUT VEGETARIAN FREE FOOD MEAL SIKH COMMUNITY OF INDIANA pepsi
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    Text - An Arab immigrant who lives Italyu and owns a fruit market is giving away fruit for free. His sign reads: "You welcomed me into your country for 10 years. Today I return my favor to you." CAL FRUTTA FRESCA VERDURE DI STAGIONE itD GRATIS. FRUTTA FRESCA VERDURE DI STAGIONE 10 ANN FA HE AVETE ACOLTO. ORA VOGLIO DRV GRAZIE W ANDRA TUTTO BEXE ANCRA GRATIS SE AVETE CuSonin feeDere -GRATIS
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    Text - The lady at our local pizza place left this message on our pizza! Thank you for ordering, ptay safe!
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    Product - AA ADSafety 1054 Pleats Plus MEDIUM/LARGE N95 Particulate Respirator NIOSH LOTR07125 V02S6 okg nerti slt WOJGH CA3A of wl st sol inohogmi ai N hoob A 7128 ADVERT A Minnesota trooper pulled over a doctor for speeding. Then he gave her his N95 medical masks
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    Duck - Just in case you're having a bad day, cupcake holders make great duck dresses.
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    People - Australia's oldest man (109) knits tiny sweaters for injured penguins!
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    Dog - Meet Wynn, a service dog in training, comforting medical staff on the front lines of the coronavirus fight! CANME C t
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    Text - not always Sometimes clever @FrozenChaps My daughter went to babysit for a new client. Single mom. Almost no furniture. Water is turned off. Instead of leaving, my daughter said she'd watch the kids for free and texted me: "Dad, can we get her water turned on?" Yes, we can. I love that kid
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    Adaptation - AnitaSamore @ASamorex Ok, my daughter sent me this photo and now I kinda wanna make one 12:07 PM · 3/30/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Cinnamon Butter Forever: Texas Roadhouse CEO Forgoes Six-Figure Salary To Pay Front-Line Workers @tanksgoodnews TEXAS adhouse
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    Text - Pope Francis O @Pontifex In these days a number of doctors and priests have died. Many nurses were infected because they were serving the sick. I thank God for the example of heroism they give us in caring for the sick. Let us #PrayTogether for them and their families. 3:34 AM · 3/24/20 · TweetDeck
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    Sky - Mark Gartner @mark_gartner @MichelobULTRACA... My official beer of social distancing. 8:26 AM · 3/29/20 from Edmonton, Alberta · Twitter for Android TRA
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    Text - Helen Hinde @HelenHinde3 My parents announced they were going on a pub crawl. Once l'd finished hyperventilating, I realised they meant a beer in three different rooms. Super #socialdistancing, well done. Dad even put a shirt on, which he doesn't normally do for actual real pubs. #StayHomeSaveLives 2:51 PM · 3/27/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Kaz Croydon @KazCroydon Despite #COVID2019, We #NewYorkers Clap & cheer and THANK Aour Doctors/Nurses/First Responders. What a #NYC moment! We #clapbecausewecare ! #clapbecausewecareNYC
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    Text - Emperor Juan Carlos @juan_emperor I borrowed this from another. Its a good idea- "Our neighbor is older and lives alone solgave her 3 colour pieces of paper for her window which faces our kitchen window. Green is for I'm OK, yellow for need help with an errand, and red for emergency. Isolatiom Communications!"
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    Text - Fairfax County Police O @FairfaxCountyPD When one of our community members found a baby fox stuck in his neighbor's fence, he called Animal Protection Police to help get it back to its parents. Thankfully, Officer Rowe was able to get the fox free and reunited with its family! #FCPD 3:30 PM · 3/30/20 · Hootsuite Inc.
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    Adaptation - Ditmir Bushati @ditmirbushati #Albania flew a team of 30 doctors and nurses to our precious neighbor #Italy to help their colleagues deal with the coronavirus outbreak, demonstrating the true #European spirit of solidarity in this difficult period. Tirana International A Nënë Tereza 8 Italy in Albania and 7 others 1:19 PM · 3/28/20 · Twitter for iPhone
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    Text - Oakengates Town Council Oakengates TC @OakengatesTC Hene aunt As the libraries are closed why not have a sort through your old books you no longer want, pop them in a box and put them outside your house so that people can take them when they are out walking A À #GoodDeeds #HelpingTheCommunity FREE V 3:04 AM · 3/31/20 · Twitter for iPhone ARTEMIS F 3O NESBO OUESBON AMDY MeHAD ANDY MeNAR HIT AMDY MeMAR INVE ANTEMIS
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    Stained glass - Canterbury Cathedral O @No1Cathedral An example of #SocialDistancing in our Miracle Windows... This illustrates the story of Richard Sunieve who, before a pilgrimage to Canterbury to pray at Becket's tomb, was so ill with infection, his mother kept her distance & delivered his meals via a long pole. #Becket202O
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    Text - cloud (BUGDAY EVERYDAY) @FullFlygon you guys are fucking awesome and even if you dont believe you're awesome, i believe in you. i genuinely believe in you, even if i havent talked to you before. always keep trying, even if you want to give up, it may sound like a looping record you've heard a thousand times, but.. 3:56 AM · 3/31/20 · Twitter for Android
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    Canidae - ark Lan Stables ParkLaneStables @ParkLaneStables Message from #tinyponyatyourwindow Remember follow the rules I am the tiny pony at your window 2 brighten your day. U can cuddle me when this is all over but 4 now just give me a wave draw a picture of me when I have gone & share it with us #horsesinlondon #nationalhorseservice
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    Text - Louis Tomlinson O @Louis_Tomlinson What an incredibly special moment last night. So much love and respect for every worker at the NHS and every care worker. True heroes. 5:10 AM · 3/27/20 · Twitter for Android
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    I have 34 bags of 4" chalk that I purchased for kiddos in our neighborhood who may not have any. I am a teacher and miss my students, so I thought l'd give back to our community of students. I wore gloves and a mask to package all chalk and have not been in public since March 16. I will leave these in driveway until sunset today and will put out whatever is left tomorrow morning. We a... See More AKE 1 FRE
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    Car - ll AT&T ? Ø 56% D credit: Jennifer Schneff Williamson 4:44 PM A Mighty Girl 17 mins · O Olivia Grace Williamson turned 5 on Friday but with coronavirus social distancing precautions in place, she couldn't have a birthday with her friends or celebrate with her classmates at school. So her mom HAPPY BIKTHDAY OLIVIA GRACE Jennifer Schneff Williamson had a brilliant idea: she organized a drive-by birthday parade for the Elgin, Illinois Mighty Girl! In a note to friends, family, and neighbors,
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    Transport - Sikhs around the world send meals to thousands of people in coronavirus Isolation The group, 'Turbans of Australia', have so far donated more than 1.5 tons of food Posted: Mar 31, 2020 01:35 PM Updated: 5 mins ago TAXI 8029 Sikh volunteers of Australia. Source: Facebook.
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    Text - Jade d'Alpoim Guedes @JadeArchaeobot "I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo. "So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us. J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring. 2:44 PM · 3/30/20 · Twitter Web App
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    Adaptation - Annette Badland @AnnetteBadland1 Cats social distancing! 1:16 AM · 3/31/20 · Twitter for iPhone


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