I Can Has Cheezburger?

Papa Wolf And Puppy Comic Is Melting Hearts

  • 1
    Cartoon - I'm an alpha wolf, the strongest wildlfe in this meadow Right now I'm having a little trouble
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  • 2
    Cartoon - Where does this fidget thỉng come from? Sleeping on my body as it pleases fidget Hurry up and get off! My feet feel numb already pufif woah!
  • 3
    Cartoon - raise dazed dazed
  • 4
    Cartoon - Tickles, ît tícklesInanane shove shove shove... Don't shove me Iike that! Fell asleep again?
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  • 5
    Cartoon - I'll drive him away after I wake up Cover
  • 6
    Cartoon - I'm an alpha wolf, the strongest wildiffe Today I pfcked up a little thing To be honest, he's annoyfng rub rub
  • 7
    Cartoon - If I leave him here, quickly he wfll lose his iffe rub Pub Hey, why do you keep rubbing me? MIlk drink milk-
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  • 8
    Cartoon - I'm a male! Нow can I breastfeed you!!
  • 9
    Cartoon - sfg stg.. sob sob-
  • 10
    Cartoon - Listen up! If you want to survive, you must be Now, I'm going to teach you how to hunt! strong! See those birds over there? whisper whisper Catch one and get back here!
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  • 11
    Cartoon - Go Go sig stg.. I'm not gonna help you- Get stronger already, when you can survive, I'll leave you right away!
  • 12
    Cartoon - caw! Caw rush out
  • 13
    Cartoon - Wadkpiek
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  • 14
    Cartoon - pugh Go away already You're still alfve? Yup! :7
  • 15
    Cartoon - Seems ITke it's too early to let you hunt by yourself. Pat pat boop
  • 16
    Cartoon - .Let's take care of it for a while then slurp Нey!
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  • 17
    Canidae - "Alpha" is the highest rank in the wolf pack. The title that can only be obtained through a cruel test
  • 18
    Cartoon - Me befng the strongest wfldiffe, Boss is back always get a lot of attention anytfme, anywhere What's that on I think ft's a Ifving thing chief's back? whisper A Tumor?
  • 19
    Cartoon - Seems ITke It's sleeping. Zz It flfps over It flfps over
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  • 20
    Cartoon - rll roll / thump It fells It fells off off It fells off
  • 21
    Mammal - Seems ifke it's not a tumor potato
  • 22
    Cartoon - There are milk and boss' scents on Its body sniff Sniff Its body actually filled with boss' scent. It pfssed me off!
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  • 23
    Cartoon - Ah- Found you Boss! Boss, what's the thing you drop here? Er This is..
  • 24
    Cartoon - Mama- I want milk- who's your mother! (haha~ I'm a male!
  • 25
    Cartoon - Call me boss! boz boz Can't it be boss' child? Boss, what Well, it's... happened exactly?
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  • 26
    Cartoon - A food! That's right, It's a food! Then let me take a bite bite
  • 27
    Cartoon - It's not time yet Gotta fatten it up then eat it later Growing this Ifttle bean is too troublesome It's better to do it now. Í safd we'll rafse It
  • 28
    Cartoon - without my permission, no one is allowed to touch him Do you understand me?
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  • 29
    Cartoon - Boss scolds me *sobs* You're crying? Boss is You're still crying so cool
  • 30
    Canidae - Befng a "wolf king", I am the strongest wildlffe in this territory Boz boz
  • 31
    Cartoon - Boz boz- Eh?! Hahaha Let's play- rub rub what's happening??
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  • 32
    Cartoon - ? ? ?? Hahahaha I know it This is a dream!
  • 33
    Cartoon - bite Let's play- Let's play- Don't pull my tafl! Неу, stop it!
  • 34
    Cartoon - Ouch!! Ah, I'm awake
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  • 35
    Cartoon - Snore Snore Good thing It's just a dream. puff
  • 36
    Cartoon - big grow Ah! Press down Is this also a dream!? Wake up quick!
  • 37
    Cartoon - wake up Sigh. That's a really weird dream
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  • 38
    Cartoon - Boz boz, did you have a nightmare?
  • 39
    Cartoon - Looks Ifke I still haven't woken up yet
  • 40
    Cartoon - wolf pack În the middle of the hunt Hurry! Catch itr Ow Ow Ow Boss is so strong! A-woo!
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  • 41
    Cartoon - bite! Ouch! why are you here?! Ah The prey is running away!
  • 42
    Cartoon - Tail tail- Haha- Shake off/ My tail isn't a toy!
  • 43
    Cartoon - Boz boz- rub Shoo-shoo! Tail Tail
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  • 44
    Cartoon - Boss.. the prey got away pant pant pant
  • 45
    Cartoon - Where're you going? approach oh.. He wants to play with their tafls?
  • 46
    Cartoon - Go ahead I'm too lazy to play with you...
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  • 47
    Cartoon - put down glance glance
  • 48
    Cat - Bite! Ouch!


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