Texts People Sent To Their Boss By Mistake, Which Backfired Horribly

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    The text that was definitely meant tor her husband

    Text - 3:38 1 Facebook Kayla > I'm bored of work already and i haven't even been here 2 hours I am too But I came at 630 lol Text Message Pay W E D Н BN M 123 space return SI A.
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    This drunk text

    Text - 3:38 1 Facebook Kayla > I'm bored of work already and i haven't even been here 2 hours I am too But I came at 630 lol Text Message Pay W E D Н BN M 123 space return SI A.
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    Bet she wishes she had died now

    Text - 1:07 1 l LTE Victor a copy of it please youre working today at 2pm correct? okay got it and yes thank you WANNA DIE Keep omg i didnt mean to send u that lol Delivered iMessage
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    This honest confession

    Text - Today 7:34 PM Handle fell off the toilet. Wasn't me. Ok it was me, but I don't feel like I was being aggressive with it... think it just happened Text Message I'm Yeah WERTY UIO P A S D F G H JK L z X C V B N M
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    Yep, definitely not meant for Ernie

    Text - K Twitter ll LTE 9:38 PM 63% EM (i Ernst Today 9:31 PM Ernie is pissed about the 4 of us wanting to take 4 days off lol Was I supposed to see this? No it was meant for jazmyne. We're trying to figure something out to work with you. Text Message Yeah I'm Q WER TYU G H J B N M 123 space return O.
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    "Accidental" flirting

    Cat - 12:38 1 251 boss > Perfect then lol this cat is cute and so are you : ') H NY T OH N please ignore that oh my god that was for my friend oh my gosh i'm sorry Read 12:38 iMessage
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    A passive-aggressive birthday present from your boss

    Text - 11:13 1 ll D (i Dedra Today 6:13 PM You are scheduled 6-10 Rene said he would change it I'm sorry I do schedules know so I didn't see a request. Everything come thru me I figured "time off" insinuated that l'd be off, my bad Read 6:21 PM We can clarify later iMessage Pay
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    Text - Today 1:01 PM Im rescinding leave completely. Get the hell back to work. Error: message not received. The employee you are trying to reach does not care. Text Message Send Q WERTYUIOP
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    Oops, wrong person!

    Text - 5:47 l LTE Snapchat JS Justin Marked Location Today 5:44 PM Righteous, just grab like a 12 I have beer to0 What are you talking about peewee I have no idea how I clicked on your name. That was supposed to go to someone else.. wow Delivered Message Q W E R T Y U A S DF GHJ Z X с V в N M 123 space return pad 245
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    That's one way to quit

    Text - l Fido ? 16:09 87% Dany> for response can you work next Friday or not! Message hi q wertyuiop a s d fghikI how do i tell him i don't wanna come back You sent that to me Danny No problem good bye oops i'm sorry i wanted to be respectful Delivered Whatever. Goodbye no need to talk about it iMessage
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    When you send a selfie to your boss by mistake

    Text - ull giffgaff 4G 20:55 74% Rainbow Noi > ( Home (6) Messenger Yes maybe be next week before we re open 20:53 sorry !!!! i didnt mean to send that ahaha Hahaaa Aa
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    This accidental love exchange

    Text - Sprint 令 37%国11:34 PM Amelia I'm there by 9 99% of the 10:20 PM time haha A I figured lol 10:21 PM 11:02 PM Tlove you more! .. well, that was to robert but I guess your message was 11:07 PM up not his 11:28 PM 11:29 PM But I love you too A Yay! I love you too 11:29 PM O Enter message SEND (T) GIF
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    Not in the budget

    Text - ( Messages Sarah Details Text Message Today 8:59 AM I'll be in by 9:30 Ok. I'm all alone. It's scary. I need pepper spray. Sorry that's not in the budget. but there might be some black pepper in the kitchen Well played.
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    A little bit too much information there

    Text - Ugh. Shitting my brains out Thanks for letting me know But we're friends! I'll see you at work tomorrow Eoooowwww. I'm gonna stop in a bit. Stop what? Oops! My bad lol That was for my friend. I'm supposed to meet up with her I'm dyyyyying.
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    This is why you save last names in your phone

    Text - ll AT&T LTE 5:41 PM 57% SB Shannon Today 5:40 PM where are you bitch? this is awkward. wrong shannon Haha. I'm at home!!!! okay good you have fun there Delivered Ok I will iMessage Okay Yeah No У a s d ghik vbnm 123 space return


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